For over 25 years, CompSpec, Inc. (CSI), a leading eligibility and third party vendor, has been providing a range of financial services to healthcare providers and their patients.


CSI has a proven track record in increasing hospital’s cash flow while reducing bad debts.


CSI has serviced over 100 California hospitals and healthcare facilities to date.  This is including both private and public facilities, health systems, for-profit, non-profit, and multi-hospital organizations.


CSI has developed state of the art, proprietary computer systems and applications that facilitate electronic connectivity with our clients to expedite the exchange of data and reporting.  CSI’s proprietary system has enabled us to interface with all hospital systems.


CSI utilizes the latest in state of the art skip tracing tools and techniques to locate and gain cooperation of patients and their families.


CSI’s principal and key management staff has an aggregate of over 200 years hands-on experience in the healthcare industry.


CSI has recovered in excess of $1 billion of net revenue for our clients.


CSI is responsible for identifying, screening and determining third party linkage for over 7,000 patient account referrals per month from its contracted hospitals.


CSI’s revenue recovery services efforts resulted in our clients recovering millions of dollars in additional disproportionate share funds.


CSI Product Lines and Expertise:


• Medicaid / Medi-Cal Eligibility and Billing

• Self-Pay Management Programs

• Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

• Medical Justification, Follow-up and Appeal

• Victims of Violent Crime Program

• Third Party Liability and Worker’s Compensation

• Insurance, Billing, Follow-Up and Appeal

• Charity Program Audit and Compliance

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 Since 1989